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Şimdi İzle


video installtion, 2017


58'' loop

Design and concept: Tuba Merdeşe

Technical execution: Ümit Doğancı

“Break-Off’’ brings into view an infinite structure of a cycle. It is the reflection of the image of a rope that stands without breaking off on its reality existing in a horizontal line on the wall. The rope, in fact standing tight in its static structure on the wall, carries contrasts in it when viewed with the video image that endlessly and continuously breaks off. These contrasts combine the static structure of the reality with the dynamic structure of the virtual as well as the sequential timely flow of the reality with the infinite cycle of a single instant of break-off of the virtual. Thus, free and thoughtful conception of the image in these two different planes replaces the paradox between virtual planes. ‘’Break-Off’’ clears the way for a mediation that comes into the picture through creating a natural physical phenomenon in a virtual space.

Şimdi İzle
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