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Şimdi İzle


video installation, 2017


13'' loop

110x192x1,5 cm

Design and concept: Tuba Merdeşe

Technical execution: Ümit Doğancı

Peregrinate turns the clouds in the sky image into those that move further in a dense flow, and on the other hand, electric poles, appearing and disappearing in a flash in this course of flow, and cables, also in a continuous flow, seem to sail under a flecked surface of an image. Thus the work put out presents a dynamic pictorial quality. The notion of time becomes, in this context, a part of a manipulative action that flows forward in a preset speed, and assumes a kind of form coming into the picture in the mediation of the tool. The time that determines this flow and speed, that is in fact a spectacle manipulative in character, pairs up with electricity power and the information carried forward by it, and it moves forward towards connections, all timeless and deprived of space. That being so, time assumes, besides its quality as an indicator of speed, a relative character.

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