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Location Act
Şimdi İzle


video installation, 2017


02'56'' loop

282x200x2 cm

Design and concept: Tuba Merdeşe

Technical execution: Ümit Doğancı

The work titled “Foothold Site’’ emphasizes, basing on the notion of deterritorialisation representing a condition of one who has been deprived of home and land, the reterritorialisation potential of this field of non-existence. In the ‘’Foothold Site’’ we see the image of a house. This image of a house becomes, together with the image of the sky as a natural phenomenon, an indicator of speed as a factor enabling life, and the dynamism of the sky and the dynamism of the flow in the video showing itself on the static structure of the house turn, in this mix, into a visual spectacle of an inherent life.  In this way, the image of house turns into a model of reterritorialisation, on and at, and also through the time of, which these two flows pass by.

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